Insulated Truck Body Liner Kit
Specifications for the Insulated Body Liner Kit. These kits for commercial vehicles are imported to our factory from Europe.  YC Merkavim is the exclusive Israeli importer for this ALUVAN Company product
Dry Trucks

The sides of the body are made of 17 mm (0.67”) plywood coated on both sides with 2 mm of fibergel to protect against moisture, humidity, sunlight penetration and impacts.

Refrigerated Truck Bodies

The Body: The floor is built to a thickness of 102 mm (4.02”) with EXTRA FREZ insulation, the highest level in Israel. The frame construction is 8mm U beam.

Why YC Merkavim?

The YC Merkavim Group uses advanced building methods including the highest quality materials assembled to European standards.  This gives its customers products with a long service life.

The YC Merkavim Group manufactures its products with European technology which is the most advanced in the world. The strength of their engineering allows them to build durable and fuel saving truck bodies which saves money for their customers.

Prompt product delivery, which is usually provided to the customer prior to the date specified, is achieved by our company due to our skilled and professional staff who make use of the Q.G.T. method at advanced workstations.  

The YC Merkavim Group has flourished over the years thanks to a constant focus on providing its customers creative, high quality solutions to their truck body needs. The company's goal is to ensure always that the customers feel valued and are satisfied with the product.

Great solutions especially for you
The YC Merkavim Group specializes in manufacturing, developing and marketing high-quality truck bodies and boxes for trucks weighing from 3.5 to 32 tons. We build for all the types of truck chassis used in Israel and for all types of transport. The company's products include:
  • Closed truck bodies
  • Premium Light trucks
  • Insulated refrigerated truck bodies
  • Insulated linings for work vans (VAN)
The YC Merkavim Group manufactures its products using the most advanced European technology, which results in products that are well engineered, strong, and lightweight. All of this, ultimately, leads to products that are durable and fuel saving for the customer.

דאף - DAF
סקניה - scania
פיאט - Fiat
קנוורט - Kenworth
ניסאן - Nissan
מיצובישי - Mitsubishi
פולקסווגן - Volkswagen
מאן - MAN
מרצדס - Mercedes
אינטרנשיונל - International
איסוזו - ISUZU
הינו - HINO
איווקו - IVECO
פיאג'ו - Piaggio
פיג'ו - Peugeot
רנו - Renault
וולוו - Volvo