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Dry Trucks

Truck Body Panels

The body panels are made of 17 mm (0.67”) plywood coated on both sides with with 2 mm of fibergel to protect against moisture, humidity, sunlight penetration and impacts.

This plywood material is the finest used in truck body and box construction in Israel and Europe.

These sheets of plywood have been in worldwide use for over 20 years.

All our plywood panels are single piece construction yielding greater strength and flexibility.

Truck Body Floor

The truck body floor can be ordered in three different options:

A metal floor ST37 in thicknesses of 4/5/6 mm.

An aluminium floor LIGHT FLOOR which is particularly lightweight.

An FTP wood floor which is low weight and has an upscale look and is designed for use where weight savings are required.

Truck Body Shell

The shell is made from sheet aluminum which is individually tailored for each body according to the customer’s order specifications.

Truck Body Roof

The truck body roof can be ordered in two options:

An FST roof covered with galvanized metal and coated with 2 mm of fiberglass gel.  This is lightweight and designed to prevent the damaging effects of sunlight and water.

External lighting is flush mounted.

An FCOL insulated roof 60 mm in thickness is made using advanced German technology designed to insulate and cool the box. The lights are flush mounted within the ceiling insulation.

Truck Body Doors

Doors are made of sheet PLYWOOD 17 mm and are framed with P.V.C. with rubber fittings designed for full protection against water and air penetration.

All doors are fitted with three flexible hinges made of galvanized metal.

Rear of the Truck Body

The rear of the truck body is available to the customer in 2 options:

a 3 mm stainless steel lintel NSD.

a 4 mm galvanized metal door frame MSD.